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FIVES ITAS - World's Largest Refinery

3 years ago

Last year GBI fabricated and shipped (6) 280’ and (6) 360’ flare stacks and ignitors for a highly demanding project that were to be erected at the world’s largest crude oil refinery located in Turkey.  We recently received the attached photo showing the 280’ flare stacks assembled on site.  In addition to handling the complications of dealing with an Italian engineering customer, our Plymouth Shop should be proud of the work they did on these demanding materials and specifications.

It was GBI’s first project of this type, and we had a lot to learn.  However, it also is an excellent reference project for the broad range of value-added capabilities we can offer our customers.  In fact we are currently in active discussions for a turnkey project in the U.S. with a different Italian customer who was referred to us by FIVES ITAS.

Thanks to everyone involved! 

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