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API 650 Tank for QEP

2 years ago


Customer:               QEP Resources

Location:                 Midland, Texas

Project Manager:      Jeff Eggleston

Superintendent:        Monte Stanley

Crew:                       AJ Stanley, Francis Crank, Delray Holiday, Spencer Stanley, Shane Parrish, Tyler Ogle

GBI Scope:              100’ x 46’ API650 cone roof tank fabrication & construction

The QEP project represents what might be called a “typical” GBI API 650 tank job.  QEP is an independent midstream oil & gas company with operations in ND and TX.  This was GBI’s 2nd completed tank for QEP.  One unusual feature in the tank construction was the steep roof design that accommodated the internal tank operating pressure.   This project also highlights GBI’s efforts in the very active Permian Basin, where nearly 40% of our employees are currently working.

Monte Stanley, Superintendent on the project said, “It is satisfying to see our quality work be recognized and appreciated by the customer”.  We faced some challenges, but were able to bring the project in on schedule with the efforts of our great crew onsite.”  One of the interesting challenges endured was a solid 24 hours of 70+ mph winds (see picture above).  Monte looked ahead at the weather and made sure he was prepared for the storm that was coming.  Monte and his crew also have the distinction of achieving 100% pass rate on all RT of the welds.

Monte and Jeff had great communications throughout the project. While Jeff carefully set up the project to keep budgeted costs and schedule in line, he also kept the high level communications transparent with the client during the execution.   Monte took care of everything on site to include, rental equipment costs, on site communications with the onsite client, reporting, etc.

Great job and appreciation to the entire GBI team on this project!

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