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2017 Projects - A Safety Record!

3 years ago

We don’t have a single project to highlight in this blog entry.  Instead we would like to celebrate 300+ successful projects in 2017 where, thanks to all of you, we achieved a record TRIR of 0.54 in 2017 as we strive for our Zero Harm goal.  Over the last few months, GBI has held several high-profile meetings with major industry players such as Exxon-Mobile, Mitsubishi and P66 relating to projects in demanding industries requiring safety excellence and leadership.  This targeting of top customers is part of our company growth plan and progress.  It also demonstrates how much we have done together to raise the bar of our performance and capabilities. 

Working with the GBI Safety Committee and considering the nature of our work, we have identified 7 key safety rules that should always be at the forefront.  Please keep them in mind as we strive for Zero Harm.

1.       Protect yourself against a fall when working at heights.

2.       Verify energy isolation prior to starting work.

3.       Work with a valid work permit when required.

4.       Obtain authorization before entering a confined space.

5.       NEVER remove machine guards or bypass a safety device.

6.       Operate motor vehicles safely.

7.       Conduct safe lifting operations; NEVER walk under a suspended load.

Thank you for all you do to ensure our work is done in a safe manner.  I look forward to meeting many of you in person when visiting your job sites. 

- Scott Dahle, CSP, GBI Corporate Safety Director

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