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President's Note - Why our Work Matters

2 years ago

There is an old fable of the three bricklayers all working on the same wall. Someone asked the bricklayers, “What you are doing?” The first said “I am laying bricks”; the second bricklayer replied, “I am building a wall”; and the third answered, “I am building a great cathedral for God.” The third had a vision of how the daily tasks of laying bricks fit into a broader, more meaningful purpose. Likewise, employees who envision the outcomes of their daily routines find more meaning from doing them.  

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What can we learn from this parable?  We sacrifice comfort and ease to work in often remote places and under stressful conditions.   Why do we do it?  Certainly our work is a means to make a living for ourselves, families and loved ones.   Many of our best friendships are also formed with fellow co-workers.   It is satisfying to finish a job and see your quality product out the door, or in the rear-view mirror while driving to the next job site.  Recognition and appreciation (whether it be from co-workers, managers, customers or competitors) matter, but ultimately I think it is our sense of pride and contribution that drives us to excel.

We are building and maintaining critical infrastructure that drive the economy and jobs for the entire nation.  Our customers in industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining and Power rely on us to safely deliver high-quality work on schedule and on budget.  Most people have no clue about what has to actually be done behind the scenes to make this happen.  All they know is that they turn on the switch and the light goes on. But we at Great Basin Nation actually know.

Thanks to all of you 450+ in the Great Basin Nation.  We feel blessed for what we have accomplished together over the last 12 years and now look forward to our 20 year milestone.  We may not be building cathedrals, but we truly are Building People committed to excellence for our customers, our co-workers, our families and our communities.


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