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GBI's Riley O'Neal takes 2nd place at IEC National Apprentice of the Year Competition!

5 years ago

GBI's own Riley O'Neal beat out thousands of competitors from all over the U.S. to place 2nd at the IEC National Apprentice of the Year Competition.

The competition lasted for three days and covered several events including: written code test, one-line drawing, wire-off, troubleshooting, productivity and pipe bending.  Only the top three scoring competitors received recognition and awards.  It’s interesting to note that for the wire-off event, the projects were not connected to electricity during the event.  The competitors had to walk away when they determined they were complete, and then the judging happened behind closed doors with nobody knowing until the Awards Gala whether or not their project might have worked properly.  It was announced that of the 26 projects, the judges determined that only 7 could be safely connected to power without resulting in an explosive reaction.  Of the 7 projects that were connected to power, only 3 of them worked properly.  Riley’s was one of them. 

Riley won’t receive his individual event scores for a week or so, but here’s what we do know; the guy who took first place is from the Rocky Mountain Chapter where they are eligible to compete in their local wire-off each of the four years that they are in school.  So this guy competed in four local competitions, and this was his third  trip to Nationals, meaning he had considerable competition experience under his belt which probably gave him quite an edge.  Even so, there was good sportsmanship at play here.  At the end of the Awards Gala, he shook Riley’s hand and told him that he had been watching Riley all along and he knew that it would come down to the two of them at the end but had no idea which would finish at the top.

Riley with AwardRiley with fiance, Aubrey, and Ray Gutierrez (GBI Production Mgr) and his wife Brandi

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