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I&E Carlsbad, New Mexico

3 years ago

GBI started an office in Carlsbad, New Mexico earlier this year to serve the Instrumentation and Electrical (I&E) needs of customers operating in the large and growing Permian Basin.  Since that time, GBI has added 60 employees (10 office / 50 field).  In fact, we grew so rapidly, that we already had to find a new and larger location to which we will move in October.

Our customers there include industry leaders such as XTO Energy and Andeavor.  We also are currently pursuing Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with several other high profile oil & gas companies. 

A large part of our work thus far has focused on bringing power and automation capabilities to customer well pad sites, allowing for central network monitoring and control.  Other I&E work we can do includes: gas plants, compressor stations and salt water disposal sites.  Our customers want the work done ASAP, pushing long hours and schedules.  Kudos to all our GBI crews there who continue to do an excellent job meeting high customer expectations. 

Our management team in Carlsbad includes Shawn Hizey, Ben Galdean and Adrian Cantu with Aaron Love leading our safety department.    In addition, significant resources and support has been provided by corporate Human Resources, Admin/Finance, and IT to help establish operating procedures that facilitate continued growth and profitability.






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