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2020 Milestone Employee Recognition

1 years ago

Please join us in congratulating Great Basin Nation employees who have reached their 5-year and 10-year milestones!

All but two of our 10-year employees work at our Plymouth location:

  • Jim Shelton
  • Justin Shelton
  • Brett Fukui
  • Ron Roche
  • Shane Oyler
  • Gerald Purdum
  • Joe Hunter
  • Steve Benedict

We are planning a small group dinner this fall for employees and partners to award their 10-year GBI silver coin and $1000.

Most of our 5-year employees reaching the cruise milestone work in Austin and include:

  • Lamana Sauni
  • Shannon O'Neal
  • Micheal Joiner
  • Travis O'Neal
  • Jacob Reyes
  • Reynaldo Gutierrez
  • Riley O'Neal
  • Fernando Lopez
  • Andres Penagos-Martinez
  • Jessie Palacio
  • Bridger Lyon
  • Saul Rivera-Lopez
  • Trevor Pappas

Unfortunately due to COVID pandemic conditions, we have been forced to postpone the 5-year cruise for 2020.  However, we are still looking forward to celebrating and have tentatively rescheduled for spring 2020, obviously subject to conditions as they develop. We will keep everyone posted.

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