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Emilee Vockler, Contracts Controller

2 months ago

Emilee has worked at GBI for 5 years, and recently was able to celebrate her GB Nation milestone trip in Mexico.  She has helped establish accounting and contract practices which have enabled GBI to grow at 25% annually.  Prior to joining GBI, Emilee worked in the foreclosure industry as a Vendor Area Specialist. 

Emilee works closely with GBI Project Managers to ensure timely and accurate billings, receivables and collections for both fixed fee and time and materials contracts.  She also works with the Business Development team to help review and negotiate customer contracts.

Emiliee is a well-rounded member of the accounting team and has cross-trained on many job functions.  She is known to be even-keeled and adjusts positively to changing priorities.  When a colleague suddenly passed away, Emilee jumped in working overnighters to ensure everyone got paid that week.  Emilee freely shares her know-how with others and is an excellent trainer.  People love working with Emilee and know they can count on her.  She is 100% committed to finding a way to get things done the right way.

Emilee likes the challenges and diversity of the work she does at GBI.  She enjoys finding solutions and appreciates the quality of the people she works with – especially her niece, Kimber, with whom she shares an office at Kaysville headquarters.

When not busy at work she loves spending time with her husband of 15 years and 2 boys.  They especially like to camp, explore nature and spend time with their large extended families.

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