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Health, Dental & Vision Insurance

GBI offers full-time, non-temporary employees plan options covering Health, Dental and Vision insurance.  

Medical:  MotivHealth        Group # GB10008SN 

Dental:  Dental Select            Group # 12011483

Vision:  Superior Vision         Group # 36348

Click here for a summary of the insurance plan coverage. 

GBI contributes 50% of the monthly cost for those employees electing coverage.  All of us can take responsibility for our health and that of our families.  Some health conditions are purely genetic, but our individual health choices are proven to also drive healthcare costs related to major diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 

You might ask “What can I do to improve health and help keep our premiums from increasing?

  1. Be sure to start using FlexCare Telemedicine. Connect with a doctor 24x7 to diagnose, treat and prescribe for FREE! 888-501-2405
  2. Use local Urgent Care Facilities where available instead of Hospital Emergency Rooms.  

Benefits elections can only be changed once a year during annual enrollment.  HOWEVER, if you do lose other coverage you previously had or gain a new dependent, you may be eligible for special enrollment provided you request it within 30 days of the qualifying event.

$10,000 Company-paid Life Insurance

Each full-time GBI employee has company-paid group life insurance coverage of $10,000 from Mutaul of Omaha. 


Voluntary Life, Disability and Worksite Products

Employees have the option to purchase additional life insurance coverage for themselves and/or their dependents.  

Employees can also choose to purchase disability, accident and critical illness insurance.  Please refer to the Summary Benefits Guide and related schedules for those options and costs.

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