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Building safety culture with GBI-SHARE

2 months ago

The last year has been full of challenges generated by the COVID pandemic.  Several of our employees and their family members have experienced serious effects and, in some cases, have lost loved ones.  Our hearts and prayers go out to them.  Thanks to all of you who have continued to work safely and follow basic practices to reduce the spread and incidence of the disease. 

As a company we are always striving to build a Zero Harm culture where each of us feels AND acts engaged, invested and responsible to ensure everyone in our GBI family go home safe every day.  We are doing this under the GBI-SHARE umbrella.

I – am individually committed and responsible to:

Stop - any unsafe activity

Help – prevent any harm

Analyze – the situation

Recommend – potential solutions

Encourage – best practices

Some of the things we do under the GBI-SHARE umbrella include:

  • Start each morning on the jobsite with a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) in addition to discussing weekly Toolbox topics
  • Distribute company-wide Safety Stingers (learn from our mistakes to Stop Help and Analyze potentially dangerous circumstances)
  • Distribute company-wide Safety Snaps providing training Recommendations and Encouragement. 
  • Invest in additional regulatory, site specific and other safety trainings
  • Maintain and train employees on our company wide safety plan, policies, and procedures.
  • In the office, we start any internal or external meetings with a GBI-SHARE, identifying areas where we have either performed well or had an opportunity to learn from past mistakes.
  • Recognize outstanding safety accomplishments and contributions of fellow GBI employees  
  • We have established a GBI company Safety Committee with employees and leaders who provide review and suggestions while also receiving training opportunities. 

We are extremely proud of the Great Basin Nation and your commitment to building a Zero Harm culture under the GBI-SHARE umbrella.

Thank You!

Dan Clegg, CEO

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