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2 months ago

GBI’s Tank and plate steel construction group is based in Kaysville, UT and led by Jeff Reading, Vice President.  The group includes (3) Project Managers; (13) Superintendents; (1) administrator and more than 75 welders, fitters and laborers currently working on (10) different projects in (6) different states. Since our founding in 2007, we have completed more than (400) different customer projects across (24) different states and Canada. 

Closely coordinated logistics and planning efforts are essential to successfully complete jobs.  The division works closely with GBI’s support departments such as Engineering, Fabrication, Procurement, Field Warehouse, Safety and Quality.  Things can get even more complicated when working at remote locations which we often do.  In fact, GBI has completed several projects working above the Arctic Circle in Alaska for a remote mine site.

Our work includes storage tanks, elevated thickeners, pressure vessels, nozzles/stairs/rail, domes, seals, and both internal and external floating roofs.  Most all tanks are engineered to American Petroleum Institute (API) code specifications.  API 650 governs tank construction while API 653 governs repairs.  The division has a stable of expert craftsmen able to weld not only carbon but more challenging materials such as stainless, hastelloys and dissimilar metals.  The division also performs a mix of new construction and maintenance/repair services.   Many might reasonably assume that most tank customers are from the oil and gas industry; however, power and mining industries now make up more than half of all GBI tank sales. 


One of GBI’s larger tanks constructed was an API 650 tank in Canada 150’ diameter and 78’ tall with an external floating roof.  The division’s largest jobsite to date was design, fabrication and construction of more than 20 large diameter API tanks for a new biodiesel plant in New Mexico.

Tankies are well respected within the industry for their tremendous work ethic and knowledge.  GBI experienced Tankies also understand the critical importance of doing everything safely and with quality.   In addition to company founders Scott Kent and Jeff Murray, several other current division employees worked on GBI’s first ever project at Sinclair refinery in Rawlins, WY.  Most of the division employees have been with the company more than 5 years.

GBI Tankies are flexible and dedicated, requiring cross country travel and constant relocation to jobsites.  Customers have recognized the outstanding safety, quality and professionalism of our teams which has driven repeat business as the core of our company growth.  We appreciate all the Tank Construction division does do to help put the “Great” in GBI.

Jeff’s quote sums it up nicely, “Our Construction Team has some of the industry’s best talent.  The entire team embodies the GBI work ethic and commitment to our EPIC Safety & Quality values.”

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