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1 years ago

GBI's Engineering Department is based at our corporate offices in Kaysville, Utah.  It is led by Joe Hunter (Director) who joined the companin in 2010 and started the department.  The Engineering team consists of 11 people, including a Professional Engineer, 3 Engineering Project Managers and 6 Detailers.

Engineering plans are designed to be compliant with applicable API (American Petroleum Institute) 650/620/653, AWWA (American Water Works Association) D100 and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) Section VIII codes.  The team uses the latest AutoCAD software to detail and produce drawings that are used by our shop fabrication and field installation crews.

In addition to frequent customer interaction, the engineering department works closely with GBI's other departments such as estimating, procurement, fabrication, project management and field construction.

Accuracy and professionalism are obviously very important deliverables of the department both in the design and detailing of plans.  The department further champions continuous improvement efforts by tracking their DNA (Do Not Again) items to learn and improve their operating process.  They also encourange and appreciate the constructive feedback and suggestions received from the shop and field crews.

We are grateful for our Engineering Department and all they do!  Joe's quote sums it up, "We are very proud of our team, our growth and accomplishments. Our goal is to timely produce quality calcuation and drawing packages that can be safely built."

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